Tuenti Challenge 3

Challenge 2 - Did you mean...?

You work in a company that's main product is a search engine. You have noticed that users make a lot of mistakes while typing :) And that the most common mistake is that they type a very similar word instead of the one they are looking for. So what you have decided is to make suggestions to the users while they are typing. You want to suggest valid words from the dictionary that contain the same letters (and the same number of each letter) but in different orders.

For example, a user types "act", you might want to suggest "cat". In the same way, if user types "elvis", your suggestion should be "lives".

Your goal is to find all possible suggestions for a set of words and a given dictionary. Assume that all the words in the dictionary are correct.


The input consists of comments (lines starting with '#'), name of the dictionary file to use, number of words that require suggestions and the list of words that require suggestions. Comments describe and separate each part of the intput:

#Dictionary file
name of the file containting the dictionary
#Suggestion numbers
Integer N, representing the number of words provided, one per line, that require suggestions
#Find the suggestions
List of words for which you need to find the suggestions, each one in a different line
The dictionary file is nothing else than a list of words.


The output must be a list of

word -> suggestion1 suggestion2 ...

each one on a different line. The suggestions for each word, if more than one, need to be in alphabetical order.

If no suggestion for a word can be found, then output

word ->

for that word.

Sample input

#Dictionary file
#Suggestion numbers
#Find the suggestions

Sample output

elvis -> lives velis
lactoprotein -> protectional
nosuggestion ->

Sample dictionary


The dictionaries can be found here and you will need to unzip it in the folder where you run your program.

Problem stats

Completion time: 10 percentile: 1:03 h
90 percentile: 26:19 h
Submit exec time: min: 0.57 s
10 percentile: 1.26 s
90 percentile: 932.00 s
max: 16207.05 s
Test tries: min: 1
10 percentile: 2
90 percentile: 36
max: 187
# of completions:420