Tuenti Challenge 10

Challenge 7 - Encrypted lines

Encrypted Lines

You have encrypted lines and you have to decrypt them.

Music will make the resolution easier and much more pleasant:


The first line will contain an integer N, the number of cases for the problem. Each case is an encrypted line. Both test and submit have the same input.


N lines with the decrypted lines.

Sample Input

yd. b., ,rpne ofmldrbf ,ao jrmlro.e xf abyrbcb ekrpatv
yd. ekrpat ocmlncuc.e t.fxrape ,ao lay.by.e xf agigoy ekrpat abe dco xpryd.p cb na, ,cnncam e.an.fv

Sample Output

No real output is given for given sample input. Following sample output with fake phrase 'Something that makes sense' is given only to show expected output format with lines starting with 'Case #N: '.

Case #1: Something that makes sense
Case #2: Something that makes sense

Problem stats

Completion time: min: 0:14:42 h
10th percentile: 0:39:32 h
90th percentile: 18:05:07 h
max: 51:17:16 h
Test phase time: 10th percentile: 0:38:27 h
90th percentile: 18:02:57 h
Submit phase time: 10th percentile: 0:00:31 h
90th percentile: 0:05:31 h
# of completions:208