Tuenti Challenge 5

What is this?

It's a contest that consists of some typical programming challenges, and other challenges that don’t include any hints and can be quite tricky, so you’ll really have to give your brain a workout! You can choose the programming language or technique you prefer for each challenge. And remember that it’s not a speed competition, so the quality of your solutions, code, and algorithms really matter!


How will the winners be decided?

The contest is divided into two phases: the first one will take place online and the second one in our office. The winners of the first phase will be those with the top 50 scores. The score will be computed by taking into account the number of challenges solved and, if there is a tie, the time taken to submit the solution. Some challenges will have a small and a large input, and both will be considered when calculating the score.

The solutions implemented by the 50 winners of the 1st phase will be manually reviewed by Tuenti’s engineers. They will consider automatic metrics along with other factors related to quality: the algorithm chosen, the quality of code, cleanliness... The language chosen won't be considered in the scoring. The top 10 of these winners will be able to participate in the second phase that will take place in our office, and they will have the opportunity to spend a day working directly with our engineers, participate in workshops and win awesome prizes. They could even end up working at Tuenti!


Winners of the 1st phase will receive a Tuenti prize pack, including an exclusive Tuenti Challenge t-shirt, a pre-charged Tuenti Móvil SIM card, and some other Tuenti goodies.

Among the 50 winners of the 1st phase, the top 10 will be invited to the 2nd phase in our Madrid office. They will be invited to a BBQ where they will meet our engineers, spend a day working with them, participate in incredible workshops and learn how we develop our various products while seeing how we work at Tuenti. Those 10 winners will also receive:

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