Tuenti Challenge 10


TELEFÓNICA DIGITAL ESPAÑA, S.L.U. (hereinafter named as "TUENTI" or "the Organizer"), holder of VAT B-83188953 and with address for these effects in Madrid (Spain), Calle Gran Vía, nº 28, 6º, 28013, will carry out the "10th TUENTI CHALLENGE" (hereinafter, "the Contest") contest from April 27th to May 29th, 2020, which will take place on the website contest.tuenti.net, according to the terms and rules established in these official contest conditions.

    These official contest conditions will be available for any individual who is interested in consulting them at: http://contest.tuenti.net (hereinafter, the "Website") throughout the duration of the Contest.


    Any individual above the age of 14 years of age, and who meets all of the conditions established in these Conditions is eligible to participate in the Contest without charge. In order to do so, eligible participants must register for the Contest on &the Website during the registration period beginning on March 16th 2020 and ending on May 4th 2020.

    All the Organizer’s employees, affiliates, shareholders, service providers, as well as all members of the respective immediate family members of the aforementioned, as well as all employees of those companies who have been involved with the development and/or workings of the Contest are expressly prohibited from participating. In addition, those individuals who have been chosen as finalists in previous editions of programming contests which TUENTI has organized cannot be chosen finalists in PHASE 2 (described below).

    TUENTI reserves the unilateral right to exclude any Contest participant without prior notice, especially in cases in which cheating, alteration, and/or the direct or indirect misuse of the correct workings and normal and regulatory operations of the Contest are suspected or detected.

    If a participant does not accept all of the terms in these Conditions of the Contest, this will result in the loss of his/her right to participate in the Contest and/or to collect any prize that may be a result of having participated in the Contest.


    In order to participate in the Contest, eligible participants must register on the Website during the registration period starting on March 16th 2020. During this period, participants will provide their email addresses and phone numbers in order to receive information about the details and workings of the Contest before the start of the programming tests.

    The Contest will begin on April 27th 2020 and will be structured in the following manner:

    • PHASE 1: This phase will take place from April 27th 2020 at 13:37 (CET/ CEST) to May 4th 2020 at 13:37 (CET/CEST). Participants must individually carry out the tests found on the Website. The first qualifying 30 participants who complete this first phase of the Contest will be awarded with a TUENTI prize pack, and 10 participants will be selected to continue on to PHASE 2.

    • PHASE 2: The 10 participants selected by TUENTI in PHASE 1 will have the opportunity to visit the TUENTI team in Madrid, see how our engineers work, and learn in a workshop with them. This will take place on May 29th 2020, and participants will be able to win awards and prizes including the opportunity to earn an internship or a position at TUENTI. TUENTI will make the selection for PHASE 2 of the contest taking into consideration only those participants who are based in Europe at the time of registration in the contest.

      In order to be awarded with PHASE 2 prizes, the participant(s) must appear personally at the TUENTI offices in Madrid on the day of May 29th 2020. If the participant fails to attend, s/he will be disqualified from the Contest losing the right to collect the prize and the winning title.

      TUENTI reserves the right to withhold the internship and/or refuse employment to any and all participants deemed inappropriate for the profile that the company seeks.

      TUENTI criteria will always prevail in the scoring of tests and the selection of winners, and is based on the adequacy of each participant’s response to each question posed in each problem, the quality of the code generated by each participant and the algorithm used (if any), and programming knowledge. The programming language in which the solutions are developed will play no role in the evaluation contestant’s responses.


    Winners of PHASE 1 will receive a Tuenti prize pack, including an exclusive Tuenti Challenge t-shirt, and some other Tuenti goodies (at TUENTI's discretion).

    The top 10 selected by TUENTI will be invited to PHASE 2 in our Madrid office They will be invited to a get-together where they will meet our engineers, spend a day working alongside them, participate in workshops and learn how we develop our products while observing how we work at TUENTI on May 29th 2020. They will also have the chance to be offered a position or an internship at TUENTI.

    Those 10 winners will also receive:

    • 1st Price: OnePlus 7T and a certificate.
    • 2nd Prize: Nintendo Switch and a certificate.
    • 3rd Prize: Oculus Go and a certificate.
    • Other finalists: 50€ Amazon voucher and a certificate

    TUENTI reserves the right to change the prizes for others of equal value.

    In no event will prizes be redeemable for cash.


    In terms of code, photos, images, or any of the content published in the Contest, the following actions are strictly prohibited and, therefore, their consequences are the full responsibility of Contest participants, resulting in the unilateral & immediate elimination of registration and disqualification without prior notice:

    • The disclosure, publication, distribution or sharing of the responses of any of the questions posed in the Contest, the code generated or any other information or commentary that may influence the responses or participation of other contestants in the Contest.

    • The disclosure, publication, distribution or sharing of any of the content that may be considered an infringement of any type on the fundamental rights of honor, image and personal privacy of third parties, and especially, those of minors.

    • The disclosure, publication, distribution or sharing of images or photographs that carry images or personal data of third parties without having obtained their express consent.

    • In terms of photos, images, and any content published in the Contest, participants must guarantee that:

      • They are the owners or have the right to grant TUENTI license to publish them and/or, if necessary, that they have obtained the necessary consent of third parties to do so.

      • They are not infringing upon applicable laws such as those relating to the right to privacy, image, and/or honor; intellectual and industrial property, or any other similar right of third parties whether this is an individual or an entity.

      • If the personal information of a friend or other person is published, the participant has informed him/her and has previously obtained his/her prior consent to publish said information.

    Hence, participants will respond to the Organizer the accuracy of the statements, protecting the Organizer from liability for any claim or demand made by any third party related to the above statements and in relation to any legitimate right of the content published on the Website.


    PHASE 1 will end at 13:37 (CET/CEST) on May 4th 2020. The list of winners will be published in the days following on the Website, and TUENTI will contact the winners to inform them of any additional requirements necessary for collecting the prize.

    If a participant that has been chosen as a winner and cannot be located by TUENTI before the day specified during the notification of winners, s/he will no longer be considered winner and TUENTI will therefore contact the following participant as alternate.

    Therefore, the winners’ access and right to prizes depends on their compliance with these Conditions and the accuracy of the data provided. TUENTI reserves the right to withhold the award to any user found not be complying with these Contitions and/or who is misusing or abusing the Conditions and/or the Contest.

    Similarly, as indicated in the following section, winners consent that their names may be published on the Website, the TUENTI platform, or in any activity that TUENTI considers related to the prize for publication or distribution purposes without the right to receive any type of payment or compensation.


    Registration data must be accurate and complete. In the case that a participant is found to have provided false information and is to be awarded, TUENTI reserves the right to withhold said prize.

    TELEFONICA DIGITAL ESPAÑA, S.L.U. will process personal data of the participants in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU GDPR) as Data Controller for the purpose of managing their participation on the contest. This processing will rely on the lawful basis of the performance of a contract. Contest participants understand and expressly accept that in order to manage their participation, TUENTI may use the personal contact information found in profiles and provided during this Contest, specifically email addresses and phone numbers, in order to participate in the Contest, communicate with winning users/participants and to inform them of the steps necessary to be granted with the prizes offered by TUENTI.

    Additionally, TELEFONICA DIGITAL ESPAÑA, S.L.U. will process personal data as name, image or voice of the participants with the purpose of promoting the contest on any of TUENTI’s websites and/or its official profiles on social networks, as part of the management of their participation in the Contest. This processing will rely on the lawful basis of legitimate interest.

    You may exercise your right to access, rectification, objection, erasure, portability or limitation of the processing using the email address privacy@tuenti.com indicating “TUENTI CHALLENGE 10” and including copy of your ID. You could also exercise your rights in writing, with the subject "DATA PROTECTION TUENTI CHALLENGE 10" and a photocopy of your ID sent to TELEFONICA DIGITAL ESPAÑA, S.L.U., to the following address: Calle Gran Vía, Nº 28, 6ª planta, 28013, Madrid (Spain).


    TUENTI reserves the right to make modifications to these Conditions and/or add successive annexes regarding its workings and prizes whenever they are justifiable, do not harm participants and are communicated properly during the course of the Contest.

    If the Contest become impossible to carry out due to cheating detected, technical errors or any other reason beyond the control of TUENTI promoter and affects the normal development of the Contest, TUENTI reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend it.

    TUENTI reserves the right to cancel the Contest for any reason and to communicate the cancellation on the Website.

    TUENTI will not be held responsible for damages of any type that are due to a lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the platform through which the participant is participating in the Contest and, especially, although not exclusively, errors in accessing the Website and/or the sending of information and images over the Internet.


    Participation in the Contest implies full acceptance of these Conditions and the express submission to the interpretive decisions made by TUENTI thereof.

    This contest will be subject to Spanish Law and if there is a disagreement among Contest participants and the interpretation of these Conditions by TUENTI, they will sufficiently cover disputes that may occur in Court in Madrid capital, subject to the applicable laws that correspond to that jurisdiction.